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Multi Round Robin Tournament Management

Winners List Box Instructions

The Winners List Box

On your website you can add a box containing the list of each group winner like the one shown here. The box sample, and the code to add to your website can be found by clicking on the link at the bottom of the tournament results page.

There are two kinds of codes:

  • One that shows the winners list for the tournament from which you clicked to see the box;
  • one that automatically shows the winners list for the latest tournament played.
The latest allows you to add the code to your website, and you never have to change the code to show the winners of a new tournament. When a new tournament is played at you club, the winners list will be replaced with the one from the latest tournament.

You can have several boxes on your website showing different tournaments; for example, you can have a box showing the winners of the last single tournament, one for your latest double, and another with your latest tournament that contains a specific string in the tournament name.

Code Selection and Parameters

To get the code for your page(s) you need, first, to play a tournament at your club. When the tournament results have been published, go to the past result page for your tournament and, at the bottom, click to see the winner list box sample.

If you want to show the winners list box for just that tournament, copy the first code and paste it to your page. It will always show the winner list for that specific tournament. To show the list from a different tournament, you’ll have to replace the code.

If you want to automatically show the list of the latest tournament played, copy and paste the code from the second or third box. This code has 2 parameters that you can customize to select the latest tournament among a selected group of tournaments. To change the values of the parameters change the values inside the double quotes.


mrr_typeAllows to specify whether this box should show winners from the last single or double tournament only. Valid value are:
"single" This box will only show winners of single tournaments.
"double" This box will only show winners of double/couple tournaments.
"any" This box will show the winners of the latest played tournament, regardless if it was a single or a double tournament.
mrr_selector Allows to specify a string and selects the latest tournament that contains this string in the tournament name.

This string has to match exactly like the one in the tournament name that you want to select, including caps, spaces and punctuation.

Do not add an asterisk at the beginning or end of the string. The software will search for that string in any part of the tournament name.

If you need to use double quotes (“) inside your string, you need to add a backslash (\) in front of the double quotes.

For example, if you’d like to show the winners list from the latest tournament played at your club, specify “any” for the mrr_type parameter, and remove any chars inside the double quotes for the mrr_selector parameter.

You can have several boxes on the same page. Just copy, paste, and customize the code for each box.

Customize the Box Graphic

The graphic format of the box is contained in the mrr_winners_list.css stylesheet. You can override any of the values in the css or you can delete the link to the css and replace it with your own css.

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